Wetland law signed, so now it's up to us

Wisconsin Wetlands Association Statement on Passage of Wetlands Bill

Governor Walker received a standing ovation as he signed the Wetland Development Bill before the Wisconsin Realtor's Association. The scene was quite different from the enactment of previous wetland laws which passed with representatives from development and conservation organizations standing proudly in support of the bills they worked together to craft.

"This bill passed without the endorsement of a single leader from the wetland professional community or any major statewide sportsmen's or environmental group," said WWA Executive Director Tracy Hames. "People need jobs, but they need wetlands too," he added, "that is if they want flood protection, clean water, and more and better ducks."

Hames also emphasized that Wisconsin citizens could no longer rely on the state to protect the wetlands in their community. "It's now up to the people of the state to get involved, speak up, and look out for the wetlands where they live."

Wisconsin Wetlands Association remains available to work with communities across the state to help them better understand, appreciate, and manage their wetland resources.

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Creative Writing About the Natural World

April 20 & 21, 2012 (Friday and Saturday)

Instructor: Dr. Mary Linton

UWM Field Station workshops offer a unique opportunity to explore focused topics in natural historyunder the guidance of noted authorities. This workshop presents college-level instruction and is designed to accommodate participants with a broad range of experience. 

Enrollment is limited to 20, providing an informal atmosphere and individualized instruction. This class is also available for one college credit.

Please visit the Field Station website at http://www4.uwm.edu/fieldstation/workshops/

for a full description of the course, fee information, and a Registration Form. Please contact the Field Station for more information, or if you would like a registration form mailed to you.  

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Field Station
3095 Blue Goose Road
Saukville, WI 53080
Phone: 262 675-6844
Fax: 262 675-0337
email: fieldstn@uwm.edu

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Aerial map is up at new Bog kiosk

bog map in kiosk 1 12.2.11A large aerial map of the Cedarburg Bog area has been installed at a new informational kiosk that was built this fall in the parking lot at the north entrance to the bog. The lot sits on the south side of Highway 33, just west of Lakeland Rd., between Saukville and Newburg. Additional displays will be added to the kiosk in 2012. A handicap-accessible trail leads from the parking lot to Watts Lake on land owned by the Department of Natural Resources. Along the trail are a series of educational signs about the bog's features. See To the Bog! for a map to the area.

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WWA honors director of Bog Field Station

jim_reinartzThe Wisconsin Wetlands Association has honored Jim Reinartz, director of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Field Station at the Cedarburg Bog, with its Wetland Enjoyment Award for 2011. The "wetland hero" award was presented at the WWA's Annual Membership Meeting & Wetlands Awards Ceremony on Oct. 27 at the McKay Visitor Center of the UW-Arboretum in Madison.

The Wisconsin Wetlands Awards recognize individuals and groups whose work advances the WWA's tri-fold mission: the protection, restoration and enjoyment of Wisconsin's wetlands and related ecosystems.

Jim has educated and inspired countless children and adults to marvel at the intricacies of wetland ecosystems. Jim has a unique ability to foster a love of the outdoors in people and acts to educate others as a means to achieve broad-scale wetlands advocacy and policy work. Throughout his career, Jim has educated and inspired many future wetland researchers, land stewards, and policy makers. Jim has also authored a wide variety of articles and research papers, including A Guide to the Natural History of the Cedarburg Bog.

It was the second year in a row in which the WWA's Enjoyment Award had gone to someone who is in love with the Cedarburg Bog, lives near it and has worked for decades to help others share in an appreciation of this special wetland. Last year's recipient was Kate Redmond, who for more than 30 years has brought enjoyment to the general public as a passionate photographer, writer, editor, educator, field trip leader, and wetlands advocate. Each aspect of her work has focused on sharing her wide knowledge and appreciation of the natural world, as well as her eye for both its singular and collective beauty. Kate has freely donated her professional-quality photography, writing ability, and other talents to a variety of nonprofit organizations in Wisconsin.

Kate is board secretary for the Friends of the Cedarburg Bog.

For more details and photos, see http://wisconsinwetlands.org/2011annualmeeting.htm

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