So what’s up with the Bog at present? With the waning of summer, milkweeds are giving way to goldenrods; most of our wild orchids have retreated into dormancy; breeding has come to an end for most birds; and for many bird species fall migration is already underway.

Blue Pickerelweed and Arrowhead are proliferating in Mud Lake along with white water lilies. Our resident Bald Eagles are not being seen together as often as previously; they are likely expanding their range, exploring where to spend the upcoming Fall and winter. Butterflies, dragonflies, and damselflies are abundantly present; whitetail bucks are displaying their antlers; and migrant Blue-winged and some Green-winged Teal are starting to drift in for their annual migratory stopover in Mud and Long Lakes.

We hope all of you are getting outdoors often and experience the changing rhythms of Nature. Please do not forget that the Bog is still here going about its daily and seasonal business and awaiting your return.  The Friends of the Cedarburg Bog welcomes your continued support and involvement in our mission!