What We Do


The Executive Committee administers the Friend’s day-to-day business under the guidance of the Board of Directors.


The Stewardship Committee helps maintain the University and DNR lands in the Cedarburg Bog.  The Committee plans projects and organizes volunteer workdays for invasive species control, to improve facilities for educational and scientific programs and to support long-term monitoring and research. 

 Membership & Outreach

The Membership and Outreach Committee supports our members, and publicizes events and issues affecting the Cedarburg Bog. The Committee plans and implements an annual membership drive and maintains the membership database.  It prepares flyers, brochures and other publications and maintains this website to inform people about the Cedarburg Bog.


The Newsletter Committee edits, publishes and distributes a quarterly newsletter with articles on natural history, local issues and upcoming events. 


The Education Committee offers indoor and outdoor educational programs for schools, youth groups and adults, and develops interpretive signs for public use areas. 


The Fundraising Committee raises the money to fund the projects approved by the Board of Directors.  The Committee applies for grants from governments and private foundations, solicits corporate and individual donations, and works with the Membership Committee on Special Events. 

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