Hello Friends,

The Bog is a busy place to be in summer and it inhabitants are going about their daily tasks and seasonal business.

Our two adult Bald Eagles have not followed through with nesting despite having built a massive nest. Nonetheless, they are  clearly very bonded and spend almost all the time together in the vicinity of their Mud Lake nest. It is likely that they will be back next year to nest in earnest!

Meanwhile, the Summer “Big Top” show is in full swing! The Bog is very much alive with buzzings, hummings, tweets, croakings, night hoots, and raucous dawn choruses. Wood ducklings, tadpoles, and bird hatchlings are an essential part of the cast while insects of every conceivable ilk occupy center stage. All sorts of juvenile animals have been cast in “walk on” roles.


Pictured above Left to Right: White Tail Deer Fawn, Raccoon offspring, American Coot and chicks

The plant world, the underwriter and producer of the whole production, has created a set exploding with flowers and buds, sprouts and seedlings, and tantalizing scents. Pollinators are busy nonstop with props, dance scenes, and solos and choruses.

Pictured Left: Michigan Lily

Once again, please be reminded that we at the Friends of the Cedarburg value you and your continuing support of our programs and our mission. We will continue to bring you images of life in the Bog through our YouTube Channel and social media outlets.

See you around the Bog!