The Friends of Cedarburg Bog constructed the 600 ft.-long boardwalk from Cedar Sauk Road to Mud Lake in 2016. The boardwalk is used by many people for safe access to this wonderful and unique natural area. In 2018 we rebuilt the terminal sections of the boardwalk after vandals burned and destroyed the floating pier sections. Since that work, one of the supports at the very end of the grounded, non-floating, portion of the walk sank causing one part of the platform to become submerged.

FOCB volunteers recently repaired the last portion of the boardwalk to fix that problem. New supports were constructed and installed to bring the grounded platform back to a position on the wetland mat that could support its weight. The end of the northern boat storage area was also repositioned to mate with the slightly relocated boardwalk.
It would be great to have a volunteer who would regularly and frequently use the boardwalk and report any issues that need attention to FOCB. We are committed to maintaining this safe access to Mud Lake. If you are interested in helping FOCB keep an eye on the Mud Lake access, please contact us.


Wet, but happy, volunteers Cory Gritzmacher and Brian Morrison after they worked to repair the boardwalk

Sunken corner of the boardwalk in need of repair