Strategic Plan 2014-2017 - A Compass for the Bog

FOCB Strategic Plan 2014-2017.pdf (Click on a PDF version of the FOCB Strategic Plan for 2014-2017.)


 The Bog is a great place to watch a sunrise.  The prototypical moment occurs as the sun clears the rising mist, making tiny ephemeral diamonds of the hoar frost on the cattails.  A squadron of teal roar—yes, roar—overhead, startling me as I enjoy the last of my thermos’d coffee.  Night yields to lavenders, then red-oranges and finally, full daylight.  A day well-started, I would say. 

 So I joined the Friends from some sense of obligation to repay an anthropomorphized Bog for these precious moments.  We may all have similar-but-different reasons for being members—they serve as a basic unifying theme for this Friends group.

I paddle Mud Lake without any navigational gear other than my eyes--I know it well enough to get where I need and back.  But if someone asked how to get to say, McBroom’s blind, it’d be nice to have a map and compass headings.  So when I think about harnessing the passions and talents of the FOCB, there's value to having a chart that marks shoals and channels and destination “ports”, and the compass courses we’ll take to get there (please pardon my nautical lingo—I am slave my sailor background).

 Over the past year, your FOCB Directors dedicated energy to building such a Friends’ strategic “compass”.  We distilled five overarching goals for the Friends (as we work with UWM and the DNR) to:

  •          STRENGTHEN COMMUNITY SUPPORT FOR THE BOG.  The surrounding community must be alert to the value of, and risks to, the Bog’s unique character if they are to mobilize to its support.
  •          EXPAND OUR CONSERVATION IMPACT ON THE BOG.  The State Natural Area and the UWM properties define most--but not all--of our Bog – let’s expand our view to the Bog’s natural perimeter and re-double our efforts in protecting its unique nature.
  •          EXPAND USE OF THE BOG AS A NATURAL HISTORY CLASSROOM AND LABORATORY. We have a wonderful tool—the Bog itself—to better understand our natural “systems”.  Let’s use it effectively to foster a land ethic in the keepers’ of this earth.
  •          BE A GOOD PARTNER.  We can’t—and shouldn’t—go it alone.  Let’s develop strong, beneficial partnerships with organizations that have overlapping interests.
  •          BE A HEALTHY ORGANIZATION – Ours is a young organization, let's build it thoughtfully so we can better protect and preserve this wetland gem. 

 These shared “destinations” will help channel volunteer energy effectively, expand fundraising efforts to support the most important work, and improve coordination in our partnering efforts. Each goal is supported by specific, measurable actions to be accomplished within our committee structure and though our volunteer efforts.

 What’s missing? What else should we be doing?  Tell us what course you would chart.  And tell us where you’d like to grab a paddle and help. 

By Bruce Ross, Friends Vice President

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