We humans have little to no immunity to threats never before encountered by our ancestors. Hence, the seriousness of the Covid-19 virus and the need to take protective action! The Friends of the Cedarburg Bog will be monitoring this threat based on reliable information from the State of Wisconsin, local health departments, and the Centers for Disease Control. At the present time, the Friends of the Cedarburg Bog has suspended all events and meetings and the UWM Field Station is closed. Down the road, it is possible that we might conduct some or perhaps even all of our upcoming Spring and early Summer events; however, this will depend on prior information provided by credible public health professionals.

If we do proceed with an event, it will likely be on the basis of the following: no direct person-to-person contact, maintenance of a minimum of six feet distance between individuals, and the event being held entirely outside. Also, if anyone comes to an event with flu-like symptoms or a cough or a cold, they will be sent home! If you are already signed up for an event or have interest in signing up for an event, please be sure to check our website (www.bogfriends.org/events) for any updates regarding these matters.

If you are preregistered for an event, we will notify you by email if the event is canceled or if there are any prior required restrictions or conditions in place before the event.

Feel free to contact us (preferably through our website) if you have any questions. Thank you for your consideration and understanding! All of us at the Friends of the Cedarburg Bog and the UWM Field Station encourage you to strictly follow the safety and health guidelines currently being recommended by public health professionals.

Please, everyone — be safe; be well, and stay well!