Winter presents the opportunity to explore the interior of the Cedarburg Bog.  Field Station Director, Jim Reinartz will lead the annual hike into the heart of the Bog.  This is a 4-mile hike, and weather and/or snow and ice conditions can make this hike challenging.  In the past we have hiked in bitter cold, on a warm day with wet slush over the ice, in the deep snow, with no snow at all on very slick ice, and when we are lucky, with a little snow over solid ice.  The Field Station website (http://uwm.edu/field-station/) will be updated several days prior to the hike with snow and ice conditions.

Winter Hike 1:30-4:30 PM
Chili Potluck  4:30 PM

You don't have to hike to join us for the chili potluck!  we will provide chili and beverages; if you can, bring a dish to share.

Please register at bogfriends.org (click on Event Registration). Walks are free and open to the public. A $5 donation is appreciated. Questions? Contact (262) 675-6844 or . Please, No Pets.  
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