Bog Guardian Program

With funding from the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust and the WI DNR-Citizen Based Monitoring Program, the Friends of the Cedarburg Bog have initiated a new program.

The Bog Guardian Program is designed to stop the advance of invasive plants, such as Teasel and Wild Parsnip, that have yet to reach the Bog, the UWM Field Station and nearby State Natural areas.

We have hired Jamie Sue Beaupré to manage this program. She has already begun working to develop a cadre of volunteers, Bog Guardians, to patrol area roads to locate, eradicate and monitor invasive plants. She has also contacted area road/highway departments to lay the groundwork for ongoing cooperation and support. We will also be contacting neighboring landowners to elicit their cooperation and support.

Once established, it is intended that the Bog Guardians, with help from neighboring landowners and communities, will sustain this program into the future and keep invasive plants out of the Bog, UWM Field Station and State Natural Areas.

For information, contact:

Jamie Sue Beaupré, Manager

Bog Guardian Program


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