Bog Guardian Program

With funding from the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust and the WI DNR-Citizen Based Monitoring Program, the Friends of the Cedarburg Bog have initiated a new program.

The Bog Guardian Program is designed to stop the advance of invasive plants, such as Teasel and Wild Parsnip, that have yet to reach the Bog, the UWM Field Station and nearby State Natural areas.

We have hired Jamie Sue Beaupré to manage this program. She has already begun working to develop a cadre of volunteers, Bog Guardians, to patrol area roads to locate, eradicate and monitor invasive plants. She has also contacted area road/highway departments to lay the groundwork for ongoing cooperation and support. We will also be contacting neighboring landowners to elicit their cooperation and support.

Once established, it is intended that the Bog Guardians, with help from neighboring landowners and communities, will sustain this program into the future and keep invasive plants out of the Bog, UWM Field Station and State Natural Areas.

For information, contact:

Jamie Sue Beaupré, Manager

Bog Guardian Program


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FOCB to hold first annual "International Bog Day"

All bog enthusiasts, neighbors, families and friends are invited to attend the first annual "International Bog Day 2017" celebration on Sunday, July 23. The event will be held at the UW-Milwaukee Field Station at 3095 Blue Goose Rd in the Town of Saukville beginning at noon with an early morning bird walk at 6:30 AM for early risers.

The bird walk at 6:30 AM will start at the UWM Field Station. Registration for the walk or attending the afternoon events are not required. For more information, please contact the Friends of the Cedarburg Bog at 262-675-6844 or see our website at www.bogfriends.org. Friends of the Cedarburg Bog board member John O'Donnell says, "I encourage everyone to come and bring your friends and families to celebrate this gem that exists right in our own backyard."

Schedule of Events - International Bog Day

6:30 - 8 AM: Birdwalk (meet at the UWM Field Station)

Noon - 4 PM: Ongoing face painting,  music, raffles, refreshments

1 PM: Introduction -- "Why the bog matters" A drone tour of the Bog

2 PM: Live owls and hawks presentation

3 PM: Bog Walks & Talks (mammals, birds, rare plants, and ethnobotany)

4:30 PM: Raffles and wrap up

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Spring & Summer Events for 2017

Join us for these Friends-sponsored events. Space is limited and pre-registration is requested. To register click on the Events tab. Walks are free and are open to the public; a $5 donation is appreciated.


Woodcocks and Frogs

Thursday, April 20, 7:30 to 9:30 PM

At dusk it’s time to dance – for the woodcocks. Join Jim Reinartz and Kate Redmond for the first hike of spring at the Cedarburg Bog. If temperatures are mild, the early spring frog chorus will be noisy. Be sure to bring a flashlight!


Mammals of our Area

Sunday, April 23, 9:00 AM to noon

From howling coyotes to otters and flying squirrels, find out about the mammal species that may call the Bog home. Julia Robson works for Milwaukee County’s Wildlife Monitoring Program. Through a combination of indoor and outdoor activities, Julia will explore with participants evidence of the warm blooded residents of the Bog.


Frogs (and maybe Woodcocks)

Thursday, May 4, 7:30 to 9:30 PM

Most Woodcocks are settled on nests, but we’ll listen for the last of the sky-dancers and the late spring species of frogs. Bring a flashlight; boots not needed.


Bird Walk for Spring Migrants

Sunday, May 7, 7:00 to 9:00 AM

Dr. Peter Dunn, UWM ornithologist and researcher of numerous avian studies in the Cedarburg Bog, will lead a bird walk in search of migrants and resident Bog birds. Think early warblers!!! Bring binoculars and dress for the weather.


At the North End of the Bog

Sunday, May 14, 9:00 AM to noon

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day then exploring the trails at the north end of the Bog with Field Station Director Jim Reinartz! Meet in the parking lot on Highway 33 near Lakeland Rd. Note: No bathroom facilities.


Spring Bird Walk

Saturday, May 20, 6:30 to 8:30 AM

Accompany John O’Donnell for an early morning walk and exploration of the upland woods, grasslands, and (of course) the Bog. Warblers and vireos should be on the move! Bring your binoculars, good hiking shoes, and appropriate clothing for the weather.


Out of the Ice – Gifts from the Glaciers

Sunday, May 21, 10:00 AM to noon

Learn about the glaciers that covered Wisconsin and the gifts they left behind. Join naturalist Jim Ellis to explore the glacial landforms that contain and surround the Cedarburg Bog.


Spring in the Bog

Sunday, May 28, 9:00 AM to noon

Witness the exuberance of spring birds, flowers, ferns, frogs and more in this wonderful wetland. Naturalist Kate Redmond will lead hikers to explore the Cedarburg Bog in this busy time of year.


Late Spring Bird Walk

Sunday, June 4, 6:30 to 8:30 AM

Join Dani Baumann and John O’Donnell in search of early breeders and late migrants. We will especially be on the hunt for flycatchers, Indigo Buntings, and Scarlet Tanagers. Bring binoculars, good hiking shoes, and appropriate clothing.


What’s Up in the Bog

Sunday, June 11, 9:00 AM to noon

As spring turns to summer, we’ll enjoy the calls of Sandhill Cranes and the self-harmonizing song of the Veery thrush as we see what’s in bloom along the boardwalk. Naturalist Kate Redmond will be leading the way.



Saturday, July 8, 9:00 AM to noon

Wet areas provide the most diverse habitats for plants used by Great Lakes tribes. Join ethnobotanist Lee Olsen and find out what can be learned from the Indian names. He will also demonstrate utility uses (dyes, cordage, fiber, and construction), reveal medicinal plants, and identify food plants. Bring good hiking shoes and dress for the weather.

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Winter Events for 2017

Join us for these Friends-sponsored events. Space is limited and pre-registration is requested. To register click on the Events tab. Walks are free and are open to the public; a $5 donation is appreciated.


Winter Hike and Chili Potluck

Sunday, January 29

Winter Hike 1:30 – 4:30 PM

Winter is a great time to explore the Cedarburg Bog. Field Station Director, Jim Reinartz will lead the annual hike into the heart of the Bog if the Bog is solidly frozen and the ice is safe.  This is a 4-mile hike, and weather and/or snow and ice conditions can make this hike challenging.  In the past we have hiked in bitter cold, on a warm day with wet slush over the ice, in deep snow, with no snow at all on very slick ice, and when we are lucky, with a little snow over solid ice.  If the Bog is not solidly frozen, we will still take a hike in the uplands.  The Field Station website will be updated several days prior to the hike with snow and ice conditions.

Chili Dinner  4:30 PM

You don’t have to hike to join us for the chili potluck. We will provide the chili and beverages; if you can, bring a dish to share.

Suggested donation for the Hike and Dinner is $5


Owl Prowl

Friday, February 17, 7:00 - 8:30 PM

Most of the owls in the Cedarburg Bog do not migrate. If conditions are right, we should have a good shot at hearing and/or maybe seeing a few of our resident Eastern Screech, Barred, and Great-horned Owls and some overwintering or migrating Northern Saw Whet Owls as well! Come and learn the calls and lifestyles of our owls. Bring a small flashlight, binoculars, and be sure to dress for the weather.

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Mud Lake Boardwalk Completed

Good News! The new Mud Lake boardwalk is complete! As you may know, the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board approved the Department of Natural Resources master plan for the Bog in May, which included plans to build a rustic boardwalk from Cedar Sauk Road to Mud Lake. The project included a 15-foot boat storage area for duck hunters during the waterfowl hunting season.

Last month the lumber was delivered to the shop at the UW Field Station. After a drying period, construction started and that construction is now complete. We hope this boardwalk will enhance the experience of all who enjoy the Mud Lake area, which includes duck hunters, bird watchers, kayakers, and wildlife lovers.

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped make the new Mud Lake boardwalk a reality!

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